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Monday, April 30, 2012

Numbers, Sentence building and I Spy Sight Words!

We started our Numbers in the Ocean booklet today with great success. I was a little worried that there would be too many instructions to follow but my kiddos did great! Here you can see that my children were able to follow 10 directions with a sample hanging on the board that they could see from their seats.
1. Trace the number.
2. Trace the number word
3. Read the sentencs and circle the number word.
4. Write the number word
5. Write the number 5 times
6. Color the correct amount of boxes to represent the number.
7. Color the correct box on the number line
8. Tally the number.
9. Color the objects.
10. Using small movements, color the bubble border!
 This was so amazing to watch! They were so intent on doing each task and doing it neatly, I was so proud!

We also started our ocean themed sentence building booklet today. I used this as a literacy center during reading groups. The children were engaged and challenged. I gave them one sentence at a time and they had to show me their finished page before recieving the next sentence. I love how this little girl put hair and eyelashes on her crab, it is so cute!

This is one of my I spy sight word printables found in my Unit. The children had so much fun hunting those sight words and copying them to a sheet of paper that I simply divided into three sections. I labeled each printable with the numbers 1,2,3 so that the kiddos would not try to do the same sheet twice. I can't wait to make a set of these with letters and numbers for the start of next year.

Altogehter I am quite pleased with the work my 4-5 year olds are doing, I am most impressed with how independently they are completing this work. Each of these activities can be found in my TpT store by clicking on the link below each picture.


  1. Loving these! I can't wait to use them with the new kinders that are coming this summer!


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