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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to create a themed patterning calendar!

Hello Everyone, I am so excited to show you my newest unit I have been working on perfecting this unit with new ideas and some old favorites. One of my favorite parts of this unit is the patterning calendar. This is a calendar that uses the number cards to introduce a pattern, in this case sports balls create an ABC pattern that repeats for the entire month. Below are step by step instructions on how the put together the calendar on poster board.
1. Get a large piece of poster board or tape 4 pieces of 12x12 cardstock together in the color of your choice. 2. Cut out your calendar pieces, make sure to print out three of the blank boxes page to assemble the grid. 3. Glue the Month banner on top. Write the month in the mddle of the banner or wait until after you laminate then use dry erase markers. 4. Glue your days of the week bars under the month banner. 5. Trim around all sides of first grid page.
6. Trim the second page so that 2 sides are left on.
7. Use a small scrap underneath the middle so that no blue shows. Cut nine blocks with the bottom left on.
8. Cut two sets of three as shown to complete the bottom right. Glue down and laminate for a dry erase surface.
9. Cut out the patterning 1-31 sports ball cards and use!
And...there you have it a themed patterning calendar, now I like to use velcro dots to attach my calendar pieces but you can use tape, sticky tack or any other fastener that would stick to the laminating. This can be easily done for any theme with a few simple graphics. I will definatly be making more and will share them with you on TpT! Be sure to check out the unit this calendar is in, not only will you be able to create this sports themed calendar but you will also have a graph, number wall, word problems, beginning math journal prompts and pages, I have/Who Has to 50, sports memory and much more! Enjoy! Christine

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The state of affairs...Why we need more challenge in school!

I just came across a post form Mrs. Trayer at Teaching Gifted Kinders that struck a chord with me. She was expressing some frustration with the current state of teachers being evaluated upon test scores and not having time to reach their gifted students. I have to say that I agree and would add that we are doing a disservice to all of our children by "dumbing down" instead of setting high expectations. I teach in a private school with an advanced curriculum. We are approximatly 1 year ahead in curriculum standards of public schools. Which means I truly teach Kindergarten just to 4 year olds. I see many advantages to setting high standards even with young children. I believe in making my lessons appropriate for all through small group instruction and differentiated instruction which I know those of you in public school do as well. However I see one difference that I can make that many of you do not have the opportunity to. Planning challenging, high level whole group lessons. From what I understand, please correct me if I am wrong, public school teachers need to plan their lessons for the bottom half of their class, leaving the top half to either be bored or "teach" their lower classmates? ( I in no way intend to offend or take away form the hard work of public school teachers, I think you guys are awesome and dedicate yourselves to our children.) To give you an example of why I believe in higher prepared lessons is my son. He has 6 different learning disabilities and attends the private school I work for. He is ADD, Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, has Auditory Processing Disorder, Expressive Language Disorder and Receptive Language disorder. We have been using a combination of language therapy, Discovery(our version of helps classes), and a classroom that has high expectations. Even through all of his learning struggles the higher expectations keep him challenged and on his toes. He is not fed the same information over and over. He is expected to learn and if that means he has to study a little harder than his peers than so be it. He is an A-B student! Can we say that about the vast majority of kiddos with these learning issues? Here is my point, the systemm is broken and we are raising children who are "thoughtless", those who cannot think critically, cannot make decisions and cannot support themselves out side of their parents home. We as teachers need to help correct these issues in any way we can. So, thank you to all of you who spend countless hours trying to figure out new ways to challenge all of our students! Thank you for your dedication and "no giving up" attitudes. I hope you have a rejuvinating summer!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been nominated!!!!!

accelerated degrees
Hello All, I was so excited to recieve an email this morning with a nomination for the most fascinating blog of 2012! How amazing! This is so great, I am honored and hope that you will take a moment to vote for me! And just a reminder.... I only need 14 more followers before the big giveaway, a TpT unit for every member!!!!! I am planning on doing this giveaway for every 100 members on my blog so spread the word! Till next time, Christine

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The importance of a summer schedule!

Hello All, Here I am at 11:15 still in my pj's and not motivated to do anything! I know it is because I am officially out of my normal daily school schedule. With my ADHD this is never a good thing and it is the same for our children, ADHD or not. We know as teachers that a classroom schedule is crucial to a successful day. Making a schedule that is predictable and easily read by your class helps children to know what comes next, it also makes children feel secure in their surroundings. This is why I am insituting a summer schedule in my home. With 2 boys, one with ADHD and a 4 year old this will help us to make the most of our summer, peacefully! You can check out my summer schedule on my new blog www.theadhdteacher.blogspot.com

You can see that today is a free day, tomorrow right back on schedule!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adding sensory activities to everyday learning!

Why are sensory activities so important for Pre-K kiddos? Exploration is the key to learning at this age. Kiddos need to feel and manipulate objects in their environment, when they are allowed to play in what I call "controlled chaos" children are engaged, happy and learning! Here is a list of my favorite sensory bin fillers, yes I get into the mix too!

Shaving cream (great table cleaner and makes the room smell fresh!)
popcorn kernals with farm objects
mixed beans (think sorting)
packing bubbles (bare feet!)
packing peanuts (did you know the newer ones dissolve in water, awesome!)
cotton balls with winter wear (think snowball fight)
slime (fabric softener, glue and water in individual cups, stir with popsicle sticks, then play away)
Tinsel with popcorn/cranberry rope and Christmas items
Rocks and Sea Shells (once again think sorting and collages)
WATER and funnels, ladels, sand sifters, buckets, shovels, water toys etc.! I know this could be
       crazy but with the proper instructions and supervision it is great!
Salt/Sugar trays with fingers or pointers to make letters/numbers
Playdough (of course what Pre-K teacher doesn't love playdough)
Playfoam, moon sand and other materials like them
Sand (sand toys and dinosaurs to excavate)
WIKI STICKS (need I say more?)

I make sure to have at least one if not more sensory centers each day, they can be calming for those with sensory issues and can help those with sensory aversions to branch out in feels and textures. I don't force any child to touch something they do not want to touch but you might be amazed what children will try once they see their freinds having fun!

TEACHER TIP TO PARENTS: These are also great summer projects for kiddos of all ages!

Have a wonderful summer!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello My name is Christine and I am a pinterest junky!

O.k. so I have to admit that everytime I sit down to my computer I go straight to pinterest. I can spend hours just looking through pictures and getting ideas for school, home, everything! I have some crazy 2500+ pins and plans for each one of them. So this summer I am going to redo my classroom, my house, my garden and make over my kids! Life will be busy, hehe! I don't know about anyone else but pinterest is my newest obsession, anyone else?

So here is my challenge to you pin, pin, pin! Make education collaboration a top pinterest goal and resource. Whenever you see a blog or idea that a teacher or parent could use pin it, share it and we can improve classrooms together. I love to hear new ideas and have found so many great activities on pinterest, every teacher and parent should be a member, let me know if you need an invite to join, I will gladly send you one. Click on the pinterest button to the right to see what pinterest is all about!

4 year old frustrations!

Hello All,

     So school has been over for a week and as much as I wanted school to be over I am missing my 4 year olds. What makes it worse is that I am trying to enjoy my own 4 year old! He is a young 4 so I am starting with him where I normally start my school year. I just got finished with such a group of smarties that I am having a hard time not getting frustrated with him. Am I the only one who gets this way? Plus, I guess because he is my own he doesn't want to learn with me. This makes me wonder how Mom's manage to homeschool, I know I could never do it myself. The more power to everyone who educates, whether at home or at school. Have a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free classroom bin labels!

Hello Everyone,

     I have just redone my kids playroom! I love summer! The room now includes organizational labels to help them stay organized and to make cleanup easier. I am so happy with how these turned out that I intend on using them in my classroom next year as well. You can download this set of 25 labels by clicking the following link:


Enjoy! Please join my blog and follow me on TpT for more freebies and educational ideas!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

You know it is summer when...

Here is the first linky party of the summer thanks to www.kindergartenlifestyles.blogspot.com , visit her sight to link up! Here is my contribution:

You can sit in your recliner and create new units for TpT without interruption.

You can sleep without setting an alarm (of course my own 2 boys are an automatic alarm!)

To Contribute an answer:
Visit the above sight.
Copy the image
Create a blog post like this
Link to her blog

Here's to a fun blogging summer,

Friday, June 1, 2012

What to do when your classroom overflows into your house!

Well, it is just 3 days into my summer and I am already planning for next year. What can I say I am a teachaholic! I also have to tell you that I did not meet my husbands challenge of fitting everything school related into my classroom cabinets (Sigh). Instead I made a deal, instead of a pile in the garage, living room corner and dining room I am going to organize it all into an old tv armoir that we are no longer using and the rest goes (ugh!). I did manage not to bring anything home this year from my classroom and did fit a good amount of what was in the house into the classroom cabinets but there just wasn't enough space.

So, I am starting to plan a new storage system for next year. Everything alike goes together, not a new concept but in a classroom that everything goes in and out each week this could save me a bunch of time. So, first things first, I am going to designate each cabinet for a specific purpose. I have this done to a point but need it more detailed. My major needs being:

Math and Literacy Centers: store in poly folders and envelopes, wipes containers when necessary.
Science Centers: store in Ikea 1.99 plastic stacking bins.
Little People homes and pieces: pieces are stored in zipped linen bags, works great for fitting around the houses.
Manipulatives: organize each box/bucket according to how it fits best with others, largest cabinet. Storage towers with 10 buckets already filled with as many of my manipulatives as I could fit.
Book Bins: buy book specific magazine file type bins to seperate my books by theme and label.
Curriculum: in filing cabinet and cabinet directly above
Miscellaneous: as organized as possible, I'm going to try to have an open cabinet for overflow (we shall see.)

I will start by taking pictures of each of these cabinets organized and hang it on the door with a list of what is inside. Some of my less used supplies will be hidden from view but still need a place to live.

My worse offense is shoving materials into cabinets where they do not belong. I am making a promise to myself! I will no longer allow myself to be lazy at the end of the week! I suppose this is the biggest lesson I have to learn!

Till next time,