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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teaching Digraphs and Initial Consonant Blends

Hello all, I hope all of you came through the holidays well and are looking forward to spring! Here in Texas we had 2 ice days and a couple of late starts which is highly unusual for us but I know some of you have missed much more than that! Anyway, this year I have four children who are very advanced in their reading skills. They have mastered cvc words, cvcv/cvvc words and the dolche pre-primer and primer sight words. We are now moving into intial consonant blends and digraphs. This week I started by introducing l, s and r initial blends on a binder ring, I gave each child a set and had a master set for myself. We went through each set before doing anything else. I then took the posters out for several of the l blends and we went over several objects that start with each blend. We then spent some time thinking about other words that start with this blend and recorded them on our critical thinking posters. I then used pocket chart sentences to show how we could use the words properly in a sentence and this also reinforced sight words.
We also used dry erase paddles to identify the blend of a word I said or a picture. The kiddos wrote the blend and then turned the paddle to me to see if they were correct. This shows me if they are understanding the concept and if they are keeping up with the group. After group time I had them do 3 practice stations. The first was a group station where I have the picture and words on popsicle sticks and they spread out the words on the table. They would then draw a picture from a bucket and match them. If they all felt it was correct they would "stick" the lollipops together with a paperclip and only I can unstick them. In the second station I put several drawing mats where they had to read the word and draw me a picture, they were not allowed to erase until I had seen what they drew in order to see if they had read the word correctly. They are allowed to ask a friend to help at this station. The last station is an independent station where each child has a mat wth three different blends on top. They each have a bucket filled with picture and word cards. They choose a card, match it to the proper blend and record the word on their recording sheet.
In their reading folders I have 2-3 on level books for each child to read with their parents throughout the week and I also added two resources for them to practice initial blends with. First they have their fluency bookmark which has all of the pictures and words on the front for one blend family and all of the words we thought of together on the back, I also gave them a set of stick figure blend lollipops. I have these out in the room and I randomly choose one in the day to go over during transitions.
I am already pleased with how well my class is catching onto these initial blends. Even though only one group is getting intense instruction on these I am pleased at how the others can pick things up from just looking at the stick figure lollipops, hearing the group practice and seeing the activities that go with this unit. You can find all of my Initial Blends Resources and Centers in my TpT store. Enjoy! Christine

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun! Centers, 10 frames and more!

We had a great Valentine's Day week here in Pre-K. There were so many fun activities to support our learning objectives. i snapped a few pictures of my kiddos enjoying some love themed centers!
We used our valentine 10 and 20 frames to count and color in a group and then used our Valentine's CVC cards to sticker spell. I loved using the dollar store plastic hearts to practice counting, putting ABC's in order,sorting and playing partner games. These are just a few of the activities we had fun doing this week. My kiddos particularly liked making their own Valentine's in free art with punches, decorative scissors, markers, colorful pens, stamps, card stock and embellishments. It was so great to see them use their creativity and imaginations to make such cute projects. So, what fun activities did you do for Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update on A bundle for Drew!

I am so thankful to say that Drew came through his brain surgery like a trooper today! We as teachers who contributed and bought the 2 bundles on TpT raised $700.00 towards the astronomical expenses this family will have to pay. But of course who can put a price on a child's life? Thank you so much from my heart, from the families heart and from Drew's heart for helping in such a wonderful way. I truly hope the bundle was able to bless you in your classroom for your donation. As soon as this month's TpT payment comes through I will present the family with the check from all of you and post a picture for you all. Thank you again!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Congratulations to Paula Harrell for winning my Valentine's Day 500 follower giveaway! Thank you everyone for entering. Be sure to check back often for more giveaways and freebies!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

500 follower Valentine's Giveaway!

Tonight I reached 500 followers on TpT! I am super excited so I am throwing a Valentine's Day Giveaway to thank all of you for your support! Enter below as many times as you'd like for a chance to win my Valentine's Math and Literacy unit, Valentine's Print and Go Worksheets and my Dollar Store Valentine's Centers unit! Check them out in my store for more details! The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter on Monday, February 10th!
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OH My Goodness! I just met Deanna Jump!!!!!

I must say I am a bit starstruck today as I am listenting to my TpT idol Deanna Jump! She is so amazing, she is teaching at the Texas Pre-K Convention in San Marcos! I JUST got a picture with her and she is so sweet!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Number Sense: Teaching addition and subtraction to Pre-K children and a FREEBIE!!!!!

Hello All! I truly hope you are enjoying your winter. I know many of you have had several snow days, here in Texas we have had 2 ice days, which is unheard of down here! This week my class started working intentionally on addition and subtraction concepts. While I always try to connect simple addition and subtraction concepts to my numbers lesson it is very informal. I am now planning the majority of my number lesson on addition and subtraction concepts.I know my class is ready to begin these concepts when they can count to 50 forwards and backwards, can pattern easily, can put numbers to 20 in order and can easily sort by color. With all of this in place teaching the basic addition and subtraction strategies should be easy! (Well, we will see!) So, we started this week with 10 frames,you can easily make your own or print out free sets through a google search. Each child then has 10 objects to use to count. I start with addition problems to 5. I instruct the children to "place 1 counter on the ten frame and then add one more, how many do we have now? So, 1+1=2" and so on and so forth. After they can add to 5 easily I move onto addition up to 10 and then 20, giving each child a filled in 10 frame and a blank 10 frame taped together. After practicing these addition concepts a few times we move onto concrete work. Using worksheets that we do TOGETHER (I can't stress this enough, do not let them go on their own yet!)we practice filling in 10 frames, writing addition sentences and figuring out the answer. Below is a picture of one of these worksheets, I give each child the worksheet on a clipboard and I work on a copy with them.
I also use graphing to help teach addition. I like to use anchor chart size graphs and work on bar graphs for how tall children are, what winter animal they like the best etc. Below is a graphing sheet we completed after working on a large graph together with the same concept. i took the same pictures, enlarged them and placed them on the anchor chart. We then completed the graph as a class. The children went back to their seats and completed a graph worksheet to show me what they learned. Throughout this lesson I would say things like. "We counted 4 marshmallows, I want to add 2 more, how many will I have? That is correct 6, so 4+2=6, now is 6 an even or odd number? yes it is even and is 6 more or less than 4, that's right more so we were adding not subtracting."
You can see how we are working on multiple concepts during each lesson that all help with number sense and the concepts I want them to understand. Notice we have not focused on the numbers or number writing themselves, we are focused on the concept. The concept is the key to the children learning number sense. We connect the actual numbers as they show us that they are strong in the concepts. To begin working on number sense like this you can download my Free Valentine 10 and 20 frame freebie file on TpT, I hope you enjoy teaching your children all about numbers, solidifying concepts and letting up on the actual number will increase a child's ability to think through math problems in the future. Enjoy!