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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classroom Tour & Fun Jungle Decor

Hello Everyone, Sorry that it has been so long since my last post but inservice and the first three days of school have kept me quite busy! I am so excited to share some pictures from my classroom with you. The church that I share space with has been very generous in what they are allowing us to do in our classrooms this year. Now my classroom feels like home and has everything I could ever wish for! I have included pictures of my white board decor, bulletin boards, job chart, behavior chart, chalkboard easel (painting easel with chalkboard paint), monkey and bananas counting display, calendar, classroom rules and more. The images in the calendar set, rules set, job chart and behavior chart are all available for purchase in my TpT store along with a free Jungle themed noise level chart. I hope these images will give you some ideas for your own classroom. Till next time! Christine
You can find my Jungle calendar set, job chart, supply labels and behavior chart in my TpT store, click the link below to see each of them: My Jungle Sets in my TpT store.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Word Wall! Yippy!

Hello All, Yeah! Today was the first time I had access to me room since the beginning of June!I spent most of my day in porfessional development but I was able to find enough time at the end of the day to hang up me new word wall. I am so excited to be able to put this up and keep it up all year. It goes with my jungle theme and fits perfectly just where I wanted it!!!!
I am so pleased with how this turned out, we are only allowed to use mavelous tape on our walls so that is the tape you see around the edges. It is also holding individual cards behind and sticks well to the laminating. You can find this word wall in my TpT store, use the TpT link on the right. Along with the word wall this file includes ABC flash cards, word cards (dolche pre-primer and primer) and an ABC booklet for the children to glue and write their word wall words into. Be sure to open the preview file to see everything you are getting for $5.00.
Abc Word Wall, Flash Cards and ABC booklet Enjoy, Christine

Friday, August 10, 2012

TpT back to school sale!

Hello all, This coming Sunday and Monday, August 12th and 13th TpT is holding their annual Back to School sale. The administrators of TpT will be giving 10% off all products and I am going to match their 10% to give you 20% off of my ENTIRE STORE! That's right everything I have listed will be 20% oof, so will thousands of other products. I already have 15 units in my wishlist just waiting to purchase during the sale. Have fun searching anf finding everything you need for this year! Till next time, Christine

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double Duty Clipboards!!!!!

O.K. I hate to gloat and I am surely not the first to think of this idea but I did not see this on Pinterest! In the interest of space I have turned my classroom clipboards into both paper holders and chalkboards! That is right, I decopaged the front with my jungle themed scrapbooking paper and then painted the back with acrylic paint and 2 coats of clear chalkboard paint that I found at Hobby Lobby for $5.99. I am so excited about these!
I have a very limited amount of storage space in my classroom so anything that can do double duty in my classroom is great. I think I will also use magnetic chalk paint (also at Hobby Lobby in spray paint form $7.99) on the back of my dry erase boards. Then we can manipulate magnetic letters, dry erase and use chalk, triple duty!!! Can you tell that I cannot wait to get back into my classroom, Monday, I am waiting for Monday! Till next time, Christine

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ice Cube Trays!

Hello All, I found these super cute ice cube trays in the Target $1 section. I bought 4 of them to create a center with. I am going to place letters/numbers in the bottom of each space and have the children bounce a small bouncy ball into the tray. Whichever space it lands in the children identify the letter/number and write it on a recording sheet. This can be done with animal pictures, rhyming pictures, vocabulary words and spelling words. For the beginning of the year I will have tweezers with pompoms in a center and have the children fll the ice cube trays with them. I will move this activity up to patterns when my 4's are ready. What would you do with these cute trays? Leave a comment and I will give away a surprise TpT unit to the person with the best comment in 24 hours. Don't forget to leave your emsil so I can send you my freebie! Till next time, Christine

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bins, Bins, Everywhere!!!!

Hello All, I don't know about you but I cannot buy enough bins! It seems every year I need to buy more at the last minute even though I have invested in many throughout the years. This year I found 2 types of bins at Target in the dollar section that I intend to use on my classroom tables. The larger purple and gray bins will hold 3 of the small fushia bins. These I will use for markers, crayons, colored pencils and anything else we need during the day. This way I figure there will be less spills and better organization. I normally use a large bucket of each supply for each table and it is just too much, the tables are cluttered and the kiddos end up knocking the little pails over. This way each bin can be stacked and stored without having to make sure they don't spill. These also have handles which will make them easier for little hands to carry. How else might you use these bins? Leave a comment and you could win a free surprise from TpT. Make sure to leave your email so I can send it to you! Till tomorrow! Christine

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jungle Theme Behavior Chart!

Hello All, I have finally finished putting together my Jungle Theme Behavior Chart. I am so excited to use this in my classroom this year. Since I cannot get into my classroom for another 2 weeks I decided to hang it from my curtain rod for the pictures.
The system works like this: Each child starts everyday on Happy Hippopotamus, this is acceptable behavior for the classroom. The child can then move up or down from there depending on their behavior choices. I have included the list of acceptable/unacceptable behaviors that I intend to give to my families as well as a full explaination of how I intend to use this chart.
I give several ways to assemble this chart in the packet using magnets, ribbon and/or laminating. I chose to use page protectors and binder clips for my classroom. I chose the page protectors so that I could store the small reinforcer graphics for rewards inside the chart.
I punched both sides of each card inside the page protector with my three hole punch. I also trimmed the white side of the page protector so that the pages would hang closer together. I reinforced the holes in case of accidental tugging by kiddos, and attached cards from top to bottom. I will use clothespins with the kiddos names for markers.
The main reason I chose to assemble my chart this way is because each Friday I will have to store it in a cabinet. The binder rings make folding this chart easy and the page protectors make it durable. The entire chart is self storing and does not need much space. I plan to store it in my filing cabinet and hang it on command hooks. You can also make a miniature version of this chart using the included 1/4 page graphics. The entire file is included on the TpT Preview, please check it out! Download a copy for $5.00 in my TpT store(Click the TpT link on the right side of the page.) Enjoy! Christine

Dry Erase Pockets $1.00 What!!!!!!

Yes all that is right, those super expensive dry erase pockets were $1.00 each at TARGET!!!!! I bought all 34 that they had left because I know I won't find that deal again. Anyway, I intend to use these in my literacy and math centers for worksheets that I would normally laminate for multiple practice. These are going to save me so much money and time compared to laminating. I will also divide them by color for working in small groups, this way I can make sure each child has the proper worksheet. You could even divide them by color for each table! Can you think of any other uses for these pockets? If you have any ideas please leave them in a comment with your email, I will be giving away a copy of my Decoding Worksheets to the person who has the best idea! Good Luck!
Till next time, Christine