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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did you ever have one of those days? 5 ways to refill your cup and finish the year strong!

As teachers we all have days when things don't go quite as planned, lessons don't get finished and we go home weary and exausted. Here are some ideas for refilling your cup and enjoying the blessing of children in your life!

1. Remember why you teach: Write down what you love about teaching, make a poster with a few of your loves. Hang where you can see it every morning and evening.

2. Think back to the first time you saw a child have a "lightbulb moment" Where you knew everything you have been working so hard on has finally clicked and this child you have been so worried about is going to be o.k.

3. Plan something fun for the end of the year to keep you motivated, this can be something your class can be working on or just something personal for you. This year mine is a long drive from Texas to New Jersey to spend some much needed vacation time on the beach with my 2 boys.

4. Change up your schedule a little, get out of the same old thing and mix up the activities you plan for your kiddos. Make a project, be silly, sing a song or two.

5. Most of all trust yourself. Wake up to each new day knowing you are making a difference in a child's life no matter how hard it gets.

Even though teaching has it's days where your energy is all gone and you don't think you can go on. Remember you make a difference everytime you step into a classroom. Give thanks for the children in your life, pray for them and their families, show love, grace and kindness, this too shall pass!

I would love to know what you do to refresh and fill your cup each day, please join my blog and post a comment. I will compile a list here on my blog for teachers to visit when they feel their cup is empty, when in reality it is truly overflowing with love from children and families!

Be Inspired,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Insect Invasion! Bugs Math and Literacy Unit!

**** I have just added 10 more math practice worksheets to this unit****

 Read the room with recording sheets and several ideas for different variations.

All five bugs are included to use for measurement each in a different size. Use them to measure the tree, complete the classroom common items worksheet and encourag parents to let their child measure objects at home with them. Compare and contrast the results, which items are longer/shorter, taller etc.

I have/Who has 1-100 and ABC to play with your students. This game is great for number and ABC order. Staple in my classroom!

Print out these jars and use the bugs below to match the correct number to its word, record the proper word on the included recording sheet. This activity can be printed and laminated for years of use or copied in black and white, stapled and completed as a booklet. Number words and numbers 1-50 are included. This is also included as a sight ord center as well!

I just finished my new Insect Invasion Math and Literacy Unit last night. I am so excited to share this unit with you, it is definatly one of my favorites! I can't wait for my students to see these fun graphics this week. We had so much fun doing our Insect booklet that I just know they are going to love this as well. I am posting a freebie from this on the freebie page tonight.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insects and bugs unit ideas for Spring!

     This week my class is studying insects. One of my favorite activities to do is to go on a bug hunt with magnifying glasses and exploring live and deceased bugs in the science center. I use test tubes I bought from oriental trading that come with stands to store my bugs. I try to work my theme into every aspect of my day so in addition to my science center which will have rolly pollies, chicadas, an ant farm, plastic bugs, magnifiers, insect word cards and clipboards with recording sheets, I will also be using my Bug-Jar-Math Unit to reinforce math skills with an insect theme. This unit is 39 pages long and is on sale for $3.50 on teacherspaypeachers.com.

     Today my class had fun counting the correct number of bugs for each mat (1-10) and sorting the bugs on the sorting mats. I had each child draw the bug, tally the number then write the number. I simply drew 2 lines down a blank sheet of paper to make three columns for them to do this. I showed them how to do it then hung my sheet on the wall where the children in each chair could see it while in that center. I also gave the counting mats center a cross off sheet from 1-10 where they wrote their name and crossed off each number that they had completed.

     The children are very excited for tomorrows plan. I have taken each worksheet included in the unit and stapled them into a large folded sheet of construction paper (see pics below). The children will then be able to complete the worksheets at their own pace. One trick I used was to put a rectangle in the necessary color around the color words on several of the worksheets instead of color copying. I can't wait to see how they do with this booklet. I also bought some insect stickers for them to decorate the outside once they are finished. The picture below show a few of the pages from this unit in black and white.

     Also in this packet I have placed the pattern pages, position sorting pages and put all of the bug graphics for the children to cut out. I know they are going to have a great time with this. I have added a few pics below of the full color counting mats. Everything is in full color in the pdf, it is your choice whether or not to print in color or black and white. The graphics look great either way.

Each of the mats has a number (1-10)above it in large bold characters, the first set of mats are for one-to-one correspondence and have the correct number of bugs for the children to match. You could print these out as a book for younger students and have them bingo dot each bug as they count instead of using the included bugs.  The second set is blank with just the number above, I have put cute little graphics on them like the frogs in the picture. The students could pretend how many flies the frogs are catching with their long tongs. I am going to copy this mat and have the children glue 10 bugs then draw the frogs tong to each bug in red crayon. I think they will truly enjoy it. I copied my set of mats in color on cardstock and laminated them for future use. I also laminated the bugs sheets and cut them out afterwards, making the cutting job that much easier, then bagged a set for each set of mats.
Till next time,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Congratulations Mum to 2 boys!

Mum to 2 boys has just won the March giveaway! She will receive my Scrabble Spelling Unit which has literacy activities that work on decoding, spelling and letter/sound recognition! Check it out on Teachers pay teachers here: Scrabble-Spelling-Unit

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Health and Nutrition Unit Ideas! 10 fun activities!

So, in my last post I told you I would get to telling you what the little girl in my class that is allergic to most everything eats. By God's design she can eat most all fruits and vegetables. This weekend when I was designing my newest tpT unit with fruits and vegetables graphics I started to get excited about all of the food related things I will be able to do in my class during nutrition week. Here are a few things you might enjoy;

1. Apple stamping: take an apple and cut in half or quarters, dip in paint or ink and make art. If you cut an apple in half through the flesh instead of the core oyu can show the children how God placed a star in the middle of every apple. With ink pads it also makes an awesome image.

2. Practice cutting during snack time. give each child aplastic knife and a chunk of cucumber, banana, or any other fruit or vegetable you can get a hold of and teach them how to cut food.

3. Taste fruits and vegeatables, have a variety, some sweet, some sour. Graph which ones your students like and don't like. Sort by taste, color, variety, etc.

4. Put out a few varieties of fruit and have your children draw and color them.

5.  Use play food to create a marketplace in your classroom and get out the play money, mark the food with a price and show the children how to buy and sell the food.

6. Use the playfood to discuss which items are healthy and which items are unhealthy, you could do this on the carpet and have a tray and an empty trash can. The children can come up and place the item in the appropriate place. Just pretend, keep your unhealthy kitchen toys!

7. Practice making fruit and vegetables out of playdough, take pictures for portfolio assessment.

8. Set up a cutting center with plastic knives, scissors, copies of fruit and vegetable images, styrofoam and cardboard.You can help the children make baskets out of the cardboard and fill with the images or styrofoam sculptures of fruit they cut.

9. Introduce children to unusual fruit and vegetables that they might never have seen, either through pictures or real. for example, artichokes, radishes, rutabaga, starfruit, kiwi, jicama, coconut. Cut and try if you can.

10. For an end of the week treat, cut a watermelon inot an animal shape and fill with fruit salad. Allow the children to help you make the fruit salad with gloves, cutting boards and plastic knives. I recently saw a picture of a cute watermelon cut into the head of a shark, super cute idea for class parties!

All of these ideas go along with my new TpT and Teachers Notebook Unit, click on the link below to see the preview of this 132 page math and litreacy unit with a fruit and vegetable theme.

Till next time,