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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Top Tips for Kinesthetic Learners and kiddos who have the wiggles!

Here is a picture of my little 5 year old, Collin, he is definatly a wiggler and a kinesthetic learner. This is how he likes to stand when we go over flash cards and when he watches TV! OK so I know that there is a difference between being a kinesthetic learner and a wiggler but if you take a minute to think about it the activities you plan for your kinesthetic learners will also help the wigglers get their wiggles out. WIN! WIN! I have had great success in my classroom using the following techniques, most not costing me anything! 1. Take a shake break (you tube has several great 1-2 minute videos for the kiddos to shake to!) 2. Use clipboards to write instead of sitting at the table, this way the kiddos can spread out on the floor and get comfy. I find their work is much better when they get comfy. 3. Use songs with motions to teach, there are many songs out there for everything under the sun like days of the week, months of the year, ABC's and numbers. 4.Seek and finds: hide numbers and letters around the room that you want the kiddos to find, have them march, jump, gallop and crawl to find what they are looking for. 5. Invest in a few mats with different sensory feelings and rotate the mats each day so the children have a different feel to sit on: not only does this help keep kiddos in their place but also helps those wigglers by putting something they can touch with thwir hands while you are teaching. This is also great for those little sensory kiddos who are trying so hard to "desensitize." These are my top five tips. Do you have any special routines or activities you use with success? I would love to compile a list of tried and true techniques to share with new teachers. Please leave a comment and follow my blog and TpT store for upcoming posts and educational ideas. Till next time, Christine

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Worksheet Freebie!

Hello All, I have just listed a new freebie from my Winter Worksheets set. The 48 worksheets focus on math and literacy practice that allow for differentiated instruction and they are common core aligned. Enjoy the sight word worksheet freebie! Click this link to get your copy: Winter Worksheet Freebie! Get the entire set here:Winter Worksheet Set
Enjoy! Till next time, Christine

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Freebie!!! How many snowballs tall are you? A non-standard math measurement and estimation activity

Hello All, This past week was so much fun. Between creating snowmen, playing in fake snow and having a cotton ball snowball fight we had a great time. One of my favorite activities was a non-standard measurement activity, measuring ourselves against numbered snowballs. I started by taping 30 numbered snowballs from bottom to top on my cabinet and then I hung a graph with each child's name and the numbers 1-30 with the title "How many snowballs tall are you?" Before starting the activity we counted the snowballs and I had each student estimate how many snowballs tall they would be, I also had them guess for me. I was surprised at how many estimations were close or correct.
I recorded their estimations on the dry erase board and we then stood by the snowballs one at a time. We recorded our height on the bar graph. We talked about who was the tallest and who was the shortest, which children were close to the same height etc.
After everyone had a chance to be measured we went back to our guesses and compared our true height to what our estimation was. I marked their estimation in yellow on the graph to show how far or how close their guess was.
Yes, this is me standing next to the snowballs, I was 22 snowballs tall, the tallest in the class. I'm glad we weren't measuring girth! HaHa! This was a great learning activity that the class realy got into, they were engaged and surprised by all of the information we gathered about each other. Get your free copy of this activity from the following link: How many snowballs tall are you? Freebie! This is just one activity from my new Snowman Math and Literacy Unit, please take a minute to check it out in my TpT store! Till next time, Christine

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Snowman Unit Fun!

Hey all, It was good to get back to work today but I am exausted! It is amazing how just 2 weeks can get you so off schedule! Anyways my class and I had a great time starting our Snowman Theme today that I just had to share! I started by reading them the teacher book, "How to build a Snowman" from my TpT Winter Snowman Unit
This sequencing book starts with building the body of the snowman and identfying the top, middle and bottom. The next page has the arms going in on the left and the right. From there we dress and put a face on the snowman. The last page of the book says, "Can you draw me a snowman?" The kids had so much fun drawing their snowmen and i am going to add them to the end of our book and place it in the library. Here is a picture of the snowman my lowest student drew, youcan see that she was able to draw three circles and sticks for arms. This was a huge accomplishment for her:
This next picture is a representation of the typical snowmen that were drawn in my class. This is going to make the cutest book!
After lunch I decided to see if the class could remember how to assemble the snowman. I took my large board pieces and placed tape on the back. I made a pile of pieces on the bottom of the board and had the class tell me where to place the pieces. They had to use specific language with all of the details I needed to know where to put the piece or I would purposly put it somewhere else. They did great!
This activity was so popular that I have turned it into a center for the week, the kids loved rearranging and giggling at the snowman!
Be sure to check out this fun Snowman unit on TpT! It has 106 pages of fun activities and everything you have seen in this post for $6.00. Enjoy! Winter Snowman Unit Till next time, Christine

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun with snow and ice! Snowman Unit and activity ideas!

Hello All, Are you ready to go back to school tomorrow? I have enjoyed my 2 weeks of late nights and sleeping in but it will be nice to get my kiddos back on schedule! This week we are going to be studying snow and ice. Here in central Texas we sometimes see ice a couple of times in the winter and rarely see snow. So here are some activities that I plan on doing this week with my kiddos on top of my new TpT Snowman Unit. (1)Fake Snow Sensory tubs: Lakeshore learning sells a polymer based "snow" that you add water too and it feels cold and can be played with safely by kids. I plan to put this on trays and allow the kiddos to play but also write letters and numbers in it. (2) Ice coloring: Place ice on a tray and drop food coloring on top, watch as the ice melts and the colors mix. (3) Ice and Oil experiment: Make colored ice cubes with food coloring. Drop them into a container filled with vegetable oil and watch what happens! (4) Borax snowflakes (borax is toxic so make sure the kiddos don't try to eat these) form pipe cleaners into snowflakes and place a yarn hanger on it. Fill a jar with hot water and 1/2 cup borax mixed. Place yarn hanger over a pencil so that just the pipe cleaner hangs into the borax mixture. Let sit overnight and see what happens. (5)Have a cotton ball snowball fight in your hats, mittens and scarves, then enjoy some hot chocolate! These are just some fun activities to add to your learning this week. For ABC and 123 Snowman activities please check out my Winter Snowman Unit on TpT it has 106 pages of learning fun, tons of activities, centers and ideas for Snowman fun! These are just a few images of what is included please click on the link above to open a preview file on TpT and a description of all that is included. Have a fun and safe return to school! Till next time, Christine

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions for the classroom!

Hello All, Sorry I have been neglecting my blog the last few weeks. I have so much to share but with the flu and traveling time has not been on my side. So as a quick way of letting you all know I am still alive I have decided to post my classroom resolution list for 2013: #1. Stay organized (ya right for about the first week!) #2. Make copies sooner (like at least 10 minutes before I need them!) #3. Stay on top of my lesson plans (don't get up at 5:00 Monday morning to input them in the computer!) #4. Don't eat the treats left in the teacher workroom (unless it is some form of chocolate of course!) and last but not least #5. Love those little kiddos (unless of course they are climbing the walls and screaming uncontrollably which would then call for more chocolate, a stern voice and loving them anyway just the way they are!) Hope you get a little laugh just in time to go back to school, I truly hope all of you had a wonderful break and are all rejuvinated for the 2nd semester. Till next time, Christine