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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time to stock up on theme units!

Hello All, I have just reduced all of my theme units to $5.00 or less on TpT!!!!! As a way of saying thank you to all of you wonderful teachers out there! I thought a little extra savings and the ability to stock up on theme specfic resources would get your school year rolling in the right direction. This is not a sale I will leave these and all future theme units I make at $5.00 or less with the exception of mega units and combo units. Please visit my store to check out everything from Farm to Hibernation to Ocean and more! Thank you for investing in our young children! TPT STORE LINK And don't forget to download all of my great freebies! Please leave feedback and follow my blog and store. Till next time, Christine

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Story of Creation Flip Book Freebie!

As many of you already know I am a Christian school teacher in a small private school. I have decided to start making my Bible craftivities into files for others to access for their own Christian classrooms or homeschools. I have just finished putting together my first file for a Creation Flip Book and it is listed for free on TpT. The file includes full picture instructions as well as an option for color or black and white. Throughout this year I plan to list each Bible story craftrivity I do in my classroom and then bundle them at the end of the year. I am also working on a God's Journal, similar to the poetry and math journals you see so often in classrooms theses days but this one will celebrate our faith. I would appreciate your feedback after downloading the file and sharing this with other believers. Please take a minute to follow me here on my blog and hop on over to TpT to get your free flip book file. While you are there please check out my other items and follow my store for more Bible craftivities to come soon. Till next time, Christine CREATION FLIP BOOK LINK

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Word Wall Reveal

Well school has officially begun here in Texas and it is wonderful to get my family back on schedule and my new little class of cuties into routine. This year I am girl heavy with 9 girls and 5 boys. They are a wonderful group of 4 year olds and I can't wait to get to know them better. I have one student yet to meet who should arrive in the morning but otherwise my group is energetic, full of life and typical four year olds with a love of learning and for the Lord. The families I am working with have done an excellent job with these little guys. So far we have practiced our procedures, learned how to properly play in centers, used our crayons, markers and pencils with success and had fun getting to know each other. Tommorrow each of my kiddos will get their chance to add their name to my new word wall that is why I am revealing it to you today! Since my classroom is also a Sunday school room I have some restrictions on what I am allowed to do, this being said I have gotten somewhat creative in making sure my room has everything it needs for school. Drum roll please........
Here it is, all bright and colorful just waiting for words and names to be displayed and studied! I made this word wall with animals so that the visuals and first words would be familiar to the children. It is a very simple black frame printed on bright paper then laminated. I attached the animal and word before laminating since I knew that is what I wanted. This display had to be placed on my cabinets towards the back of the room and out of reach of children due to my restrictions. However I am going to allow the children to carefully use the stepstool to add their names and then I will add the rest of the words from then on. I should mention that all the words will have a picture since this is a Pre-K word wall. Their name plates will alo have a picture of them. Hence why I had to reveal this without words on it.
Hanging the pieces for this word wall on cabinets had its challenges. First there is no true center to place the header, oh well I will just have to live with that. Then there are the handles which I carefully cut as little as possible off the letter card. But the hardest was figuring out how to open the cabinets with this word wall covering the doors. I carefully used a razor blade to slice down the cards that needed to be cut then moved the smaller piece over just a touch so the doors would open with ease. You can see that until you are right up near it you would never know I had done this. I also have a half a roll of mavelous tape (yes, that is spelled correctly)to thank for holding these cards up without damage to the cabinet facing. All in all I am very pleased with how this has turned outy, ideally I would place it a the childrens eye level but this will have to be good enough for this year. To get a copy of this word wall for $1.50 visit my TpT store using this link: SIMPLE WORD WALL TPT And be on the lookout for my set of picture vocabulary word cards to use with this word wall and for many other activities. I should have them posted this weekend. Till next time, Christine

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Classroom Reveal, TpT Back to School Sale and Smart Fab Review!

Well, here is a jam packed post full of my 2013-2014 classroom decor, information on the TpT sale and a great new product called smart fab. I will start with the huge 28% off sale running today and tomorrow, my entire store is 20% off and at checkout use code BTS13 to get another 8% off! Great deals to be had, I have 57 items on my wishlist, I've been waiting for this sale to buy them! Next, I will explain smart fab so when you see my reveal you know what to look for.I was sent three sample rolls of this product to test and review, smartfab is a replacement for board paper, constructon paper and other craft paper we generally use in a classroom. It is light, cuts easily and has bright even color. I used 2 of my sample rolls when decorating my classroom. I did not have time to do any special projects with it however the green makes a great board cover when doubled over (or else you can see through it)check out the vibrant color in this picture of my front board.
The small orange table is my technology center which will have 2 computers. The crates underneath will be for the children to sit on and also serve as storage for my Mr. Potatoe heads and workbench tools. I have also used the yellow smartfab on my large bulletin board in the back of my classroom to set off the letters from the brown background. i did have to triple the smartfab to get the desired coverage of the brown. All in all I like it and it is easy to work with, I guess for me it would boil down to pirce compared to regular board paper. You can view more smartfab projects and their website here www.smartfab.com And now for the rest of my classroom reveal: I placed my centers towers in the back of my classroom ith each ones respective clip chart on the bathroom door:
I placed 2 large file charts on the wall for individual wqork usuing clear command hooks and will have my chart stand next to my center towers. The wall decor includes ABC, Number, Shapes and Color lines which I laminated and hung with mavelous tape, if you have never heard of mavelous tape you need to get some for hanging posters etc. It actually hold and does not harm the walls even after being in plave for 10 months. last year i left the tape on my posters and it is hanging them again this year, expesive little roll of tape but good investment if you don't want posters falling off the walls!
I am most proud of my new library, in past years i had to haul huge bins of books out of a cabinet and place onto a bookshelf only to put away again at the end of the week. Well, this year I decided to take my toy shelf and swap it for a fully organized book bin library!!!!!! The labeling is not finished yet but i am a proud mamma, now my toys are in a cabinet and my back will be thanking me for not having to haul huge bins of books out each week.
The top shelf of my cubbies are filled with my school supplies in color coded baskets for each table and my chairs will all have teal chair covers with crayons, markers, ABC chart and 1-20 chart. I think I am ready......School starts Wednesday! Here is to a great year for everyone, enjoy your kiddos and stop back by for more Early Education Fun!!!!!! Christine

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Teachers Notebook Product Bundles are AWESOME!!!!!!

I don't know if you have heard but Teachers Notebook has decided to create bundles of products for a back to school promotion this week. Let me tell you the bundles are awesome, each one is around $20 and includes 15-20 different products. I have gone through all of the pre-K to 2nd bundles and there are some great resources in them. My Frog Fun Unit is featured in Bundle #9. There is so much great stuff in this bundle that I might just have to buy it even though it has my own product, that is how good the deals are! I want to buy all of the bundles but have decided to limit my budget to $60. That will get me three great bundles worth over $400.00. Hop on over as soon as you can to get your bundles.....I will be hard to choose just one! TEACHERS NOOTEBOOK HOMEPAGE And..... to add to all of the back to school fun over there at Teachers notebook I have put my entire store on sale for 20% off and am hosting a giveaway of my Volcano Adventure Word Work Center! The start of this year is going to be a wild ride as usual get your resources early! Enjoy! Christine

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Centers Management in a Pre-K classroom

Hello All, I have finally decided how I am going to manage my centers this year. With 4 towers full of drawers and various other centers I need to keep the kids organized in an easy way. I have created 3 small clip charts to help me with this. One for literacy centers, one for number centers and one for exploration centers. The exploration center chart will cover my science and sensory centers. I made it simple on myself by just using ribbon and velcro dots (which I buy by the hundreds on ebay since they are so expensive!) You can get these charts in my TpT store by using this link: Jungle Clip Charts To assemble start with a piece of 1" wide ribbon and print your pages on cardstock. Laminate for durability. lue the header to the ribbon and place velcro dots on the ribbon, equally spaced to fit the center cards.
Place the rough side of the velcro dot onto the back of the cener card and attach to the ribbon. Add clothespins with your students name on them and you are finished. Hang these charts in your classroom and allow the students to choose which center they want to visit. How long and if they rotate is up to you. I prefer to give my students the entire allotted time in one center each day to allow for in depth exploraton and practice. Enjoy! Christine

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We have a winner.....

Congratulations to Jennifer Rogers Webb! She has won this weeks giveaway of my Volcano Adventure and Jungle drop literacy centers! Stay tuned for my next installment of "Organization for Differentiation" and the next giveaway. Hint: Get your laminators ready!