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Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Play I have/who has? And how to play this educational game.

I have/Who has is a game I use in my classroom daily to build strength in the order of the alphabet and numbers. I have also used this to reinforce number words, sight words, color words and other key concepts for young children. I find it amazing how quickly the children catch onto this game and are able to translate it to other concepts without missing a beat. My Pre-K class of 14 can now order 1-30 in under 2 minutes. That is a feat when it comes to pre-k kids, they just love this game, and most can now tell me the numbers that are missing and number order which is essential for math skills in school.

How to play: Either purchase a set of cards or make your own, the following image is given as an example and is from my TpT unit for St. Patricks Day. I try to include one of these sets in each of my math and literacy unit.

Pass out the cards as evenly as possible for your group, have your students place the cards in order from lowest number to highest. When I first start each child gets one card, then when they understand the game i give them multiple cards.

Student one (who has the first card) says, "I have one, who has 2", there are no other words allowed in the game.
Student 2 quickly chimes in saying, "I have 2, who has 3" and so on until you get to the last card and that child gets to shout the end.

Once the children start getting good at the game I start setting a timer to see how long it takes them and then we set goals to beat. Remember this is pre-k so it may take you a few tries before they are able to do a timed round.

I like to do this in my reading groups leveled to match each group. With my highest group I use sight words, with my lowest group i use the alphabet.

I cannot express how much this simple game has helped the learning in my classroom, I would recommend it to any teacher, even middle schoolers could have fun with this, maybe for history dates or something. I just love it and I know you will to.

Here are some links to my units that include I have/ Who has cards, please see the description for specific details on each set. Have fun learning! Christine

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  1. Hi, Christine! Love some "I Have, Who Has!" I have a freebie sight word version in my tpt store you may like. Your shamrocks are precious! Have a great week!


    Peace, Love, and First Grade


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