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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sparkle buddies: weekly table rewards

Hello all, I found these great shiny pompoms at target in a bag for $1.00, I am storing them in a Dollar Store container. I will have a small bucket on each table and use them as an incentive. each time the whole table is working quietly I will place one "Sparkle Buddy" in the bucket. At the end of the week we will count our "sparkle buddies" (see how I am sneaking in some number work there)and whichever table has the most gets a prize (stickers or such). At the end of the year we will make some cute crafts with them and the kiddos will get to take them home! Have other great ideas for using these pompoms? Leave a comment and the best idea in the next 24 hours will recieve my newest Gumball Counting Read the Room and Center Activity: Click the link below the picture to see the entire packet on TpT!
The first comment will also receive this new packet! Enjoy! Christine

Monday, July 30, 2012

Target and Dollar store finds for school!

Hello All, If this picture does not surprise you then you know you are a teacher! Do you know anyone who can go spend $100 at the dollar store? I can! Do you know anyone who gets gitty about school supplies? I do!
I intend to use each and every one of these items in my classroom for multiple purposes. Over the next week or so I will be posting different ways to use all of these Target and Dollar store finds. I will also be unleashing my new behavior chart and plan (jungle theme)! With each post I will have a surprise giveaway of one of my TpT units to the best answer to the posts question. Don't forget to leave your email and hop on over to TpT to follow me! Till tomorrow, Christine

Monday, July 23, 2012

Comparing Numbers!

Hello All, Today I have created a new center for my classroom for working on greater than, less than and equal to. These concepts are crucial for children to understand and apply number knowledge. Check it out on TpT:
I made this center not only as a full color math center but as a booklet as well. You can print it out in black and white, staple and use for seat work. I also included large graphics for you to use on the board to introduce these concepts. This 16 page center is $1.75 on TpT or Teachers Notebook. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to incorporate your weekly theme into your day!

Hello All, I was recently asked by a new pre-k teacher how I found time in the day to fit in "themes." Now those of us who have been in a pre-k/K classroom know that incorporating our weekly themes needs to go across the curriculum not just in an activity or two. At my school we use the weekly reader series and Christian Holidays to decide on our weekly themes. Once we know our themes for the year we can begin to plan. This is also how I got started with teacherspayteachers.com. Here is my process, 1. Write my themes and any quick ideas that come to me in my plan book. 2. I label my plan book by subject. (reading, vocabulary, numbers, art,centers, library, circle, science, other) 3. I then go through each theme writing down what I already know and what I need. 4. If I am short on ideas for a specific theme I hit the internet. By going through this process a few weeks before the theme week I can make a list of supplies needed and locate everything I need (if you've seen the post on my cabinet disorganization you will understand why I need WEEKS to find everything! HaHa!)Below is a sample of a weeks worth of activities for a theme unit; compiling all of the ideas into one unit not only allows me not to do the work again in a year but has also turned into a second income for my family. You can find all of the math activities in my sports unit on teacherspayteachers.com Sports Week Theme: Math/ Numbers/ Circle: Sports pattern calendar, sports graph, number finds in sports balls and word problems, I have/Who has 1-50, journal prompts.
Vocabulary: Sports ball read the room, word wall sports words, Art: roll tennis balls or golf balls in paint and roll across board paper, draw or watercolor and journal about sports Centers: sports words and picture matching cards, counting team members center, sports memory game,sports ball sorting center Library: books about sports, teamwork and character ( I would love to give you specific titles but I am not in my classroom to list them, sorry!) Science: do balls float or sink?, which sports ball is the heaviest/lightest, discuss shape and material of balls (5 senses).
Everything I do in my day includes a piece of my theme making incorporation seemless. I hope this can encourage you to find ways to teach your curriculum and include the theme without extra effort. Click the link below to see the math activities on TpT:
Till next time, Christine

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New "It's Breakfast Time" Math and Literacy Unit and a FREEBIE!!!!!

Hello All, I have just finished creating a new unit all about breakfast, yum, yum!!! Check out the freebie I have listed on my TpT page. I am really excited to use this unit during my nutrition unit this year. I know my kiddos will have a great time matching the vocabulary to it's picture, reading the room, doing simple addition problems with cut and paste, I have/Who has vocabulary and the breakfast building placemats/sequencing activity. There is a preview unit on TpT to give you a better idea of how many activities and centers you can make with this unit. Here's the link:
Enjoy! I would love to hear what you think of this unit, you can always contact me with questions or requests at: thecrazyprekclassroom@gmail.com

Monday, July 16, 2012

O.K. so here's the deal! How to get your free TpT unit for being my follower!

So in my lack of technology skills I did not realize that I could not send a PDF through blogger to all of you :( or I cannot find the way to do it. I want all of you to have your free unit as promised so unless anyone knows how I can send this out I will need your email addresses. Now I know giving out emails can be annoying but I promise not to share, sell or use your email for other than sending you the free unit I promised. I will keep it written down for the next giveaways for as long as you are a member of my blog. I apologize for this inconvenience! To keep your email private please send me a message with "I'm a follower" as the subject and I will send the PDF your way! christine_odonnell@earthlink.net Blessings, Christine

YEAH!!!!! 118 Followers!!!!!

118 followers!!!!! I can't believe I have 20 new followers just from today, Thank you everyone for spreading the word! I will be sending messages to all of you shortly with my Math and Literacy Unit as promised, you all are awesome! I would love to hear from you once you have gone through the unit to see what you think of it! Now, here's what you have all been waiting for, wait for it wait for it...... When I hit 200 followers here I will give everyone my: (drum roll please)
Check out my post on digging for dinosaurs for more information. Here's another surprise, once I hit 100 followers on TpT I will also give away, are you ready? My Ocean themed 1-10 booklet!
Keep spreading the word! Enjoy, Christine

Friday, July 13, 2012

Only 5 followers left to my big giveaway!

Today my blog hit 95 followers, I am so ready to give each and every one of my loyal followers my Bugs math and literacy unit for free, we just need 5 more! I plan on giving each of you a new unit everytime I hit another 100 followers so spread the word and free units will be flying your way! I will announce the next unit up for grabs once I have given this one away!
Don't forget this also counts for TpT followings as well, I will giveaway a unit to each of my followers on TpT each time I reach 100 followers! Visit my TpT store and follow today if you haven't already! Thanks y'all, Christine

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digging for Dinosaurs, my newest TpT Unit!

Hello All, With my last minute trip to Atlanta I only managed to get one new activity listed on TpT but it is a good one! Digging for Dinosaurs is a fun word work and sentence building activity that can be played by partners, individually or at a center. Full instructions and color graphics make this a fun time. I plan on placing a tub of sand with the words buried on the table with sifters, shovels and dinosaur skeletons. Click the above link to check it out!
Use this 17 page activity to teach sight words, how to build a sentence and parts of a sentence. A bulding mat and poster with sentence parts is included along with 5 pages of word bones and a journaling page. Enjoy, Christine

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sports Unit Giveaway!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! This week I am off visiting my Grandmother in Atlanta, Ga! Since I wont' be home making new TpT Units to share with you I thought I would do a Sunday giveaway! The first three people who respond and leave their email address will receive my PDF for free in their inbox. I would appreciate your comments and feedback once you get a chance to take a look at the product.
This math unit includes everything you need for centers, calendars, graphs and visuals during a sports themed week! Enjoy! Have a great week! Christine

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime Woes!

Did you ever feel like you get half way into summer and boom, no energy to do anything? Well that is me right now, after painting my house, tutoring my kids, having fun at the pool, I am wiped! So I have decided to take the next few days and dedicate them to creating new units for TpT! I have had all these ideas that I have written down all through they year when there was no time to get them done, now I have the time but no motivation. So here is my challenge to myself: Create and post 3 new math and literacy themed units in a week! Stay tuned for the results.....